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I want to thank Attorney Paul Felser and his fine staff for their hard work and encouragement to continue on in the fight against the Department of Labor to a final victory in my favor. After years of fighting with the Department of Labor, the final starw came when the DOL would only recognize my left shoulder for a spinal cord injury that had affected not only my left shoulder, but my entire body. I tried using my Congressman and doctors to try and get a fair decision only to find that I was given the run around. Especially given that my first injury several years earlier was to my lower back, and being a trusting person, I allowed the DOL to send me to one of their doctors who said I had lost nothing despite the pain I had with my lower back. I ended up eating this decision and learned an important lesson to never trust the DOL. I also thought that when they gave you a nurse that they were there to help you, which they are not. So much for complaining. The bottom line is that you can only do so much yourself, and then you will need someone who knows how to get the DOL to give you a fair award. May I suggest that you allow Dr. Ellis at the Ellis Clinic to perform your impairment rating. Dr. Ellis is an honest doctor and works very hard at giving you an honest impairment rating. In order to reach a fair impairment rating few doctors are willing to put in the time, and the understanding of the medical rules which is crucial in receiving a fair award.

Again, I want to say thank you to Paul Felser and his fine staff.

Paul Kraft 11-07-2010