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I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Felser and his staff for the work they have performed for me. Mr. Felser’s professionalism and integrity are admirable and I would highly recomment his services to anyone contemplating representation.

Before seeking the services of Mr. Felser’s Law Firm, I almost made the mistake of representing myself before the Department of Labor (DOL) Board of APpeals. After receiving my first scheduled award determination by the DOL, I began doing my own research into the regulations and processes governing DOL. After conducting my research, I began to disagree more and more with DOL’s initial findings in my case and I believed that their decision did not justify my physical loss. Through my research I learned that there are a lot of pitfalls that can be detrimental in making one’s own case. After reading Mr. Felser’s testimonials, I decided to seek the services of Mr. Felser’s Law Firm and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Mr. Felser represented me in the oral hearing with the DOL Board of Appeals. After the hearing, I listened to a CD recording of the oral arguments that Mr. Felser made on my behalf and i can honestly say I was very impressed with the knowledge and the presentation of my case before the Board. During the presentation, Mr. Felser brought up valid issue of my case that I did not know were available to be made.

Through Mr. Felser’s advice and his hard work, DOL returned a more positive decision in my favor. I am so grateful for the work Mr. Felser has done for me and I hope anyone facing a similar situation like mine would consider his services.

Hector Chaidez