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Many Claimants come to us when their Award of Compensation for Permanent Impairment has been denied. Others seek our assistance when they have been awarded impairment lower than that calculated by their treating physician. In some cases, all of the work related injuries are not properly considered.

The Felser Law Firm, P.C. possesses the tools, resources & knowledge of procedure for these claims that can help you determine if your Schedule Award has properly considered all of the factors relevant to your injury. This is an issue that we assist our client’s with frequently. A few examples of our appeal work on these types of cases are dsicussed below. Please contact us at (912) 232-5353 to see how we can assist you.

In the case of D.H., an FAA employee, the Office awarded the Claimant 5% to the bilateral hands and 3% to the bilateral legs. Claimant disagreed with the Award and the Felser Law Firm requested an oral hearing on his behalf. The Claimant had two ratings from two of his treating physicians. The DMA did not provide his rationale for choosing the report that calculated the lower rating. The Hearing Representative remanded the claim for additional review by the DMA. Upon additional review, the Claimant was awarded 18% to the bilateral arms and 18% to the bilateral legs. This increase represented approximately $200,000 in additional compensation benefits to the Claimant. Click Here to view the Awards of Compensation & Hearing Decision.

In the case of M.K., the Claimant was noted to have additional cervical impairment that was not included on the Award of Compensation. She had multiple claims with injuries affecting the cervical spine and upper extremities. She was awarded 4% to the left arm; and 18% to the right arm. It was clearly noted in the medical documentation that there was an additional 5% impairment for sensory loss. The noted 5% was not included in the Claimant’s original award. The Claimant disagreed, and through counsel requested an oral hearing. The Decision of the Hearing Representative remanded the case for additional review. As the result of the remand order and review, the Claimant was awarded the additional 5% impairment. Click Here to view the Awards of Compensation, Hearing Decision & DMA memos.