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As they rolled me down the hallway to the operating room, a million thoughts went through my mind. The thought most remembered was, “How did I get here?” Before I could get back to my desk at work, both friend and foe alike approached me, trying to determine what had happened. I would truthfully respond that I had surgery. The friends would reply, “probably that carpal tunnel.” I said to myself that the doctors had not mentioned any carpal tunnel. Then I decided to ask my lawyer to see if my injury could have been work related. He advised me that he was not really sure, but he would refer me to a legal specialist, Mr. Paul Felser, for an opinion. Mr. Felser put me on the right track. The Department of Labor accepted my case and agreed to pay the medical bills and agreed to provide me with physical therapy.

During this ordeal, I was really physically hurting and very confused. I was pushed against a short 30 days deadline to decide if I had grounds to file a workman’s compensation claim. I had read the workman’s compensation publication put out by the Department of Labor, and just got more confused. The manager was not versed on the subject and could not even tell me what forms to file. I was afraid to approach our Labor Relations Department because of their notorious anti-employee reputation. Because of you, you Mr. Felser, I now understand and I will continue to pursue my legal rights in this matter without fear or intimidation. Thank you!!