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I am writing this letter to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for the exceptional job performed in my case against the Office of Workman’s Compensation (OWCP) after a work related knee injury. Also, I would like to recommend your law firm to those that may have a Federal Workman’s Compensation issue.

I began this journey with Felser Law Firm sight unseen as you are in Savannah, GA, and me in Northwest GA. I was very wary about authorizing money to a stranger that was supposed to be in my corner arguing my case. I listened to his advice and followed through as best I could. I became impatient with OWCP, although there was nothing to speed them up. I got angry with OWCP because they did not make common sense decisions in my case, and frankly, did not give a damn about me. I was just another case file to OWCP. OWCP reduced my benefits, but Mr. Felser and his staff knew issues and regulations that OWCP were trying to get around and diligently worked with me to overcome their obstinacies. After many months, an Oral Hearing was help concerning the reduction of my benefits. Mr. Felser and his staff prepared a closing brief that was 10 pages long which was filled with common sense and numerous legal citations, medical and vocation rehabilitation information that OWCP was trying to ignore.

I was ecstatic when I received the Notice of Hearing Decision and read that OWCP’s decision to reduce my benefits was reversed. OWCP has reinstated my full monthly benefits and must pay me retroactively from the date of reduction.

Mr. Felser was very pleased with the decision, but warned that the battle won but the war isn’t over yet. That’s why I’m sticking with him.

I would recommend The Felser Law Firm to anyone having issues with OWCP. I have found him to be kind, understanding, professional, and very knowledgeable.

Thanks again to you Mr. Felser and your staff.