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I want to thank you for the work you did on my behalf. Of course I am exceedingly devastated we lost the case. The law regarding Federal Workerman’s Compensation seems so biased and unfair. Had I injured myself at any other place of business, I am sure things would have turned out quite differently.

Unfortunately, fighting the government is just too expensive. They have unlimited funds, I don’t. It seems most of the cards are in their favor. I am irrevocably changed. My life with never be the same. The health I enjoyed when I was hired on 2/9/03 is gone, and they got away with it! No payments, no settlements, they just hire doctors (like Dr. Yuska) to discredit other doctors, turn a blind eye to the truth and conduct a character assassination on me. (In reviewing his report, I saw so many outright lies.)

So, I am done. Please stop and further legal action of my behalf. And, thank your staff for their help, especially Linda and Ellen.

Paulette Schuster 03-25-2008