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This letter is to acknowledge the expertise and my gratitude of the Felser Law Firm. There are many attributes contributing to the success of this law firm. They are an excellent trial attorney with a background and knowledge of the mechanics of the Federal Workman’s Compensation, red tape bureaucracy, and his ability to work well with others as a team. The OWCP broken system is a nightmare not only for the laymen federal employee, but for the majority of local attorneys without extensive experience in the federal sector. Second, is the firm’s Chief Assistant, Ms. Ellen Jiran who monitors cases with compassion and a humanistic, ethical approach.

As a federal law enforcement officer who studied law for four years at a leading Criminal Justice Institute, with a minor in Military Science / Tactics, and a Veteran Service Officer for the Disabled American Veteran’s Association, I was still at a loss for an adequate defense without the Felser Law Firm.

Not only did the Felser Law Firm help win / overturn my OWCP case, but they assisted in gaining the approval of my OPM Disability compensation. Coupled with the John Berry Law Firm of Washington D.C., the Fraternal Order of Police’s Legal Defense plan, the expert legal medicine advise of Dr. John Ellis of Oklahoma City and his medical associates, they secured my out of court monetary and benefits settlement at warp speed.

There is a philosophical saying in the legal world, “Your case is no better than the gun you hire.” The Felser Law Firm is a heavy weight machine gun in it’s class. Very few federal employee law firms prove their effectiveness by listing the cases they win on their internet site. Pretrial preparation is paramount in winning any legal case. The Felser Law Firm did such an outstanding job in my pretrial preparation, the government sent neither Representative nor Attorney to be embarrassed by the Felser Law Firm in the federal judge’s proceedings. Nor did the government even respond to their opportunity to rebut the court transcripts.

Corruption and dishonesty as the daily modus operandi of federal agencies is a rotten, putrid stench in the nostrils of Justice. The greatest threat to ethical federal law enforcement officers is not the bad guys, but the corrupt management. Thank you Felser Law Firm for helping level the scales, giving federal employees some quality of life, financially stabilizing our families, and the intestinal fortitude to never say quit.

God bless your firm and it’s exceptional staff.

Nathan Whatley