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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you provided in my workers’ comp case. After two agonizing years of struggling on my own to get my injuries from an on-the-job motor vehicle accident approved by the Department of Labor, I was provided your name. It would a good day. With your help, I have had all of my medical bills and out of pocket  expenses reimbursed by the DOL. In addition, I was granted a fair and generous settlement from my permanent injuries.

I am a fairly educated government employee. At first, I took it for granted that there were just hick-ups in the system, and that I would eventually get it all settled, but it was not the case. I had my case handed over to several incompetent case workers during the first two years who all treated me and my medical providers like we were trying to defraud the government. I can’t imagine what the average uneducated, blue-collar worker goes through. What I had been trying to achieve on my own for two years was rapidly settled once I hired you. It only took your name being copied on correspondence to make a difference in treatment I received. I can attest to the difference it made in being legally represented by a firm with your reputation. They knew your name and it made all the difference.

I again want to thank you for assisting me in my case.