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Since I retained Mr. Felser over 5.5 years ago, he has assisted me in getting my claim expanded from 2 accepted conditions to 8 accepted conditions, he helped get my first surgery approved, he has successfully helped me obtain the medication that I needed, he has prepped me for each of the many second opinion examinations I was sent to by the government, and in at least 3 separate situations, he has prevented me from committing claim-suicide (doing or not doing something that would have seriously destabilized or severely undermined my claim), or getting royally screwed by my employing agency or the department labor. I would unhesitatingly recomment him to anyone having trouble getting their claim moved forward, anyone needing assistance in making sure all parties involved are playing by the rules, or anyone wanting professional legal help from the inception of the claim. In any case, you can’t go wrong with Felser Law Firm.

Michael Karpinecz 10-24-2014