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June 10, 2015
To whom it may concern:
My name is Jose Naber, I am a Veteran and disabled Federal employee who, on November 16, 1990, suffered an on the job work related injury, which resulted in frontal temporal dementia of the brain, while employed at the Department of Defense facility in Jacksonville, FL. In late 1995, under physicians orders, I relocated to Idaho where I now reside. In June of 2012, I received a NOTICE OF DECISION indicating I had an overpayment to the Department of Labor. Due to my cognitive difficulties associated by my injury I could not comprehend what was contained within the Decision, let alone what appropriate course of action I should take to resolve the matter. The Appeal Rights were confusing and made no sense to me whatsoever. I called numerous attorneys where I live in Idaho and no one could help me. I then sent out over a dozen emails to various attorneys throughout the US and only two provided a favorable respond. Mr. Paul H. Felser was located just outside of Jacksonville, FL., and what he stated in his email told me I should contact him. Upon his agreeing to take my case I was impressed at the professionalism of his staff. Mr. Felser immediately assured me that my appeal would be filed correctly and in a timely manner, and it was. Then in October of 2012, I contacted Mr. Felser and informed him, to his shock, that the Agency, without proper notice or due process, had terminated my disability compensation benefits and removed me completely from the Periodic Rolls. Thereafter, the Agency began creating one new legal issue after another each completely unrelated to my original overpayment case. Their requests for submitting documents was never ending. After Mr. Felser had submitted everything the Agency had requested, and within the time limits prescribed, the Agency responded with a Decision stating that what they had requested, had not been submitted but we could appeal their Decision. As this continued, Mr. Felser and his staff consistently fought for me, they empathized with my struggles and the limitations my brain injury imposed. Mr. Felser was relentless in my defense and his determination in correcting errors on the part of Agency actions was unwavering. He knew that the Agency had, from the very beginning, acted improperly and illegally, and Mr. Felser’s arguments, presented in my defense, reflected that. Finally, in May of 2015, we received a favorable Decision. Most importantly, the Agency was ordered to place me back unto the Periodic Rolls as they had violated due process. Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Felser and his entire staff consistently behaved beyond reproach, impeccably holding to the highest ethical legal standards possible, ensuring that the best interests of the client are first and foremost.
I would highly recommend Mr. Paul H. Felser to anyone who is seeking an attorney for appropriate legal representation.
Jose H Naber