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This letter is to introduce Attorney Paul H. Felser of Felser Law Firm, of Savannah, Georgia. A very accomplished and efficient attorney with which I am well pleased. My name is Henry Smith, a former Federal Employee now on retirement disability. In my former line of work, I had previously heard horror stories of finding a competent and reliable legal help for retirement or workers compensation related matters. Like most loyal federal employees I said, That could never happen to me. How wrong I was, after an on-the job-injury, my employer started treating me as if I were damaged goods. I found out that contrary to popular belief the system does not always look after its own. Anytime you run into an impasse and you have a failure to communicate, you need an experienced legal professional. Suddenly, all or most attorneys are experts at State compensation law, but will not handle Federal Compensation or retirement cases. The Attorneys that will accept these type of cases are either too expensive or are not experienced with the Federal systems procedure. Thank God for Attorney Paul H. Felser, who is very familiar with this complicated process of governmental laws. Attorney Felsers service rates are affordable, during your physical batter with trying to return to work or retirement when the last thing one needs is a financial battle. Attorney Paul Felser obtains results. Do not take my word, try him for yourself. I am sure that you will be pleased.

A thankful claimant


Henry Smith-Retired Postal Employee
U. S./ Postal Service Atlanta