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Mr. Paul Felser represented me in my claim for disability compensation by the OWCP’s FECA Program for my work-related Progressive Carpal Tunnel Disease injury diagnosed in March 1999. Mr. Felser proficiently and diligently guided me through the Federal Government’s claims process. Although I was suffering severe pain in my hands and arms daily; coping with high blood pressure; and enduring intense anxiety symptoms at the time, Mr. Felser’s skillful knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in the FECA arena enabled me to follow his guidance with ease and comfort. He always kept me informed in a timely manner of upcoming legal issues in my case and mentally led me through the expected ramifications of each issue. He helped me to understand each procedural sep required by Federal Regulations and OWCP; and he continually provided me with full and detailed explanations of the best and most appropriate methods of accomplishing our goals in our effort to win my case.

Mr. Felser’s counsel was always warm, friendly, and comprehensively sufficient to meet my legal needs. I highly recommend his services to federal employees and to anyone in need of an attorney with extensive legal expertise and judgment.

Mr. Felser’s office staff was equally warm, friendly, and proficient. Together we accomplished our mission as a team.