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I want to take a few minutes of your time if your looking for help with your Federal OWCP case. I worked for the USPS for over 20 years gave 110%+some. I filed a CA2 form for work injury caused by Postal Service. I was denied due to not enough information. I knew I could not do this myself. I started calling local lawyers that handled OWCP and as soon as I said Post Office they said sorry can’t take your case that’s federal OWCP. With no idea what to do I called a lawyer my husband knows and asked him if he could take my case. He informed me that he could not, but he knew of a law firm that one of his own employees had used. The Felser Law Firm. From day 1 Mr. Paul told me this was going to be a battle, but they would fight along side me. He took my case he got the denied status overturned back into pending working status. Now Mr. Paul will give you homework to complete for the case he wants facts and truthfulness. He can work as you if he knows everything. And he works very hard at it. Now let me tell you about his staff that works with me. Ms. Ellen and Mrs. April. Wow they are a very important part of Felser Law Firm. Where Mr. Paul is the voice these two ladies are the heart, supporting and strength givers. There was several times I would call or Email when these two ladies just knew how I felt and gave true support and understanding. I will say this is not an easy or fast process, but with this team on your side they will take you by the hand and walk side by side with you through this battle. Thank you again to the Felser Law Firm

Digitally signed by Denise Knudsen 7/15/2022