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I am pleased to recommend the services of Mr. Paul H. Felser to anyone needing assistance with their FBCA claim with OWCP. I was an air traffic controller with the FAA. I was lost in the process until I found Mr. Felser. After hiring Mr. Felser, he provided me with the assistance to navigate the maze of regulation that is known. OWCP. It was a long and frustrating process, but we were ultimately successful. He patiently answered all my questions and explained every course of action that he undertook on my behalf. The style of representation that Mr. Felser employed in handling my case enabled me to function as a true partner in plotting the course of our actions in dealing with OWCP. After experiencing the beauracratic maze that working with OWCP produces, I would recommend Mr. Felser to anyone that wants their rights protected by an advocate with the experience and knowledge to deal with any issue that might arise in their relationship with OWCP.