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November 12, 2019

It is not often that you find an attorney that actually cares about his clients, but I have found one in Mr. Paul Felser. I sustained a head injury while on duty as a Federal Air Marshal. On numerous occasions now Mr. Felser has stood up for me when I have been unable to stand up for myself. I deal with so many medical problems associated with my head injury and it takes everything in me just to get up and go to the doctor and get treatment, that I can’t deal with the Department of Labor and there on going paperwork and requests for medical documentation. Mr. Felser and his amazing staff have made it easier for me to deal with what is important, and that is my health, my family, and trying to get better. Since 2008, more than 10 years now Mr. Felser and his staff have fought relentlessly for me. Workers Comp. Has tried to end my compensation on three different occasions and the outcome has always been in my favor thanks to Mr. Felser. I have to say that Mr. Felser and his staff have gone over and above working with me and for me. If you need help with DOL/Workers Comp, and the Federal Government there is no one better to have on your side than The Felser Law Firm.

Jimmie Bacco
Henderson, Nevada